April 1, 2015


Our clients and future clients know that when it comes to getting approved for FHA loans, they can have peace of mind because, California Mortgage Team provides exceptional customer service and always offers amazingly lower rates than other lenders.

We have always had an excellent reputation with members of the Real Estate community and their clients because we have had a great long-standing relationship between many of the top-leading loan officers in California who work directly with many of the top-selling Realtors.

We have local underwriting, funding and processing, which means that your loan will get done in a  timely manner, on time, every time by a California licensed mortgage professional whom will have access to the latest program guidelines and lowest possible rates.

We’re here for all your loan needs. Regardless whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing your current mortgage, choosing the right loan officer can make all the difference in having a smooth transaction. The best loan officers will have experience, knowledge and work for companies who offer in-house underwriting.  The California Mortgage Team includes some of California’s best loan officers who are happy to assist you with your loan and loan process.

California Mortgage Loan Programs

Mortgage credit used to be extremely easy to come by in the early 2000’s. Stated income loans, no-document loans and many other programs seemed to be the most popular and lenders were lending money to basically anyone. After credit crisis’ lenders began to become stricter in their guidelines for loans.

Today, in the mortgage market, if you’re looking into getting a mortgage loan there is a higher chance that you are going to at least look into getting government insured loans, much like the FHA, VA, or the USDA loan programs.

Popular Loan Programs

Then the credit crisis hit and lenders started tightening their guidelines. In today’s mortgage market, if you want to get a mortgage loan, there is a good chance that you are going to at least look at getting a government insured loan such as a FHA, VA or USDA loan program.

Popular Mortgage Loan Programs Include:

For customers who currently have FHA or VA loans, when interest rates go down, California FHA Streamline Refinance programs are quite popular.

Learn more about The California Mortgage Team and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about your home financing needs.